The photo series “Cultivated Walls” pictures residencies in the Canton of Geneva that
are separated from the public domain by hedges. Legislation concerning vegetation around private properties in Geneva is among the less strict in Switzerland. One is allowed to grow a hedge up to maximum
two meters in front of a property, where elsewhere in Switzerland maximum heights are set between 1 and 1.50 meter.

A hedge functions as a psychological shield that provides shelter and creates a sens of comfort. It reinforces the own habitat. On the other hand, a hedge questions the grey zone between private and public domain. High hedges create a community of firmly separated parcels, alienating neighbours.
A hedge is a piece of design and a status symbol as well, consciously maintained by
its owner. The hedge's condition unveil something about the identity of the people that live behind it, and reflect on society at the same time.

Photo series: Rob van Leijsen
Year: 2014
Specifications: 60 × 70 cm,
inkjet printed on satin photo paper
Exhibition views: ©Raphaëlle Mueller